Here is the perfect box for all parents/care givers to send when your student is flying the coop. Great for the university halls. Its packed with all those handy items that your student needs, but will never buy themselves. (things mum would only think of)


  • Over the door Hook, great for hanging up their robe or towels
  • Extension lead 2 m plus double adaptor, they will never have enough of these
  • Playing cards, great to getting to know your room/hall buddies
  • Ear Plugs, will need these when trying to get an early night
  • Wooden Doorstop, Great way to keep the door open when making new friends
  • Laundry Powder, never have enough
  • Removable picture hook, so they hang their favourite photo of the family dog
  • Glen 20 Disinfectant Spray, help protect the spread of germs, great for all
  • Surfaces, ie laptops, phones, door handles, light switches also can be used as a air fresher
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