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NOURISH  ~ This box is the perfect reminder of self-care! Designed to renew and reset busy lives, nourish is a great gift for those constantly on the go. 


Tea Drops | Such a perfect way to drink tea

These gorgeous tea drops are vegan friendly and organic. Tea drops are not instant tea, they are produced with genuine tea leaves that are delicately ground nothing freeze dried, no extraction process, just delicate genuine tea. This handy wooden box comes with 2 drops of citrus ginger, matcha, sweet peppermint and rose earl grey
Just pop the one tea drop into a mug of boiling water, stir and let it sit and dissolve for 30 secs, enjoy!

Coconut Body Scrub | This scrub will rejuvenate the skin, paired with the natural honeycomb sea sponge, it’s a great way to make your skin come alive.

Aromatherapy Facial Steam | Relax and allow the aromatherapy infused steam to gently cleanse your skin and tickling your senses. Smells divine

Lotion Bar | Lotion Bars are moisturiser in a solid bar. Deeply nourishing for the whole body, especially hands, elbows knees and heels. NZ made and all natural

Sugar Lip Scrub |  Organic Coconut Sugar scrub

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